Enjoy fascinating lectures on bird identification and behaviour themed subjects in the cosy Fleur de Lis Hall, Faversham…

BIRD CLASSES: An Introduction To The Birds Of Kent


WHERE: Fleur de Lis Hall, Faversham
WHEN: Thursday evening classes and Saturday day trips
COST: £80.00 OR pay per session

This course will consist of 7 indoor sessions, 2 hours each on a Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm, and 1 outdoor day trip from approximately 10am-3pm held on a Saturday. Relaxed and informal sessions using photos, illustrations, videos and sounds, with hand-outs given throughout the course. Field outings will enable us to identify species in real-life and give us some first-hand experience of bird habits and identification. Refreshments will be provided.

‘Introduction to the Birds of Kent’ will take you through all of Britain’s breeding and wintering bird species that occur within the county of Kent, looking at their distribution, populations, and status within the county, along with tips on their identification in the field looking at plumage details and behaviour.

Dates :
Classes – 4th, 11th January, 1st, 18th, 22nd February, 1st, 8th, March
Field Trips – 3rd February 2018